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New employee video's message: It takes all of us to fulfill our mission

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Each of us plays an important role in fulfilling our health system’s mission: “We are called to make a healthy difference in people’s lives.” Whether you work in direct patient care or in a shared service function, your work truly does touch the lives of our patients.

In the spotlight

Thank you to the employees featured in the video:

  • Mary Engels, Director of Organizational Learning & Development
  • Missy Francisco-Carlson, Service Excellence Program Manager
  • Dr. Wilson Ginete, Interventional Cardiologist
  • Dr. David Herman, Chief Executive Officer
  • Jill Holmstrom, Director of Hospital Nursing Services
  • Peter Jacobson, Regional Senior Vice President
  • Martha Jendro, Cardiac Nurse
  • Monica Kasari-Delsume, Physical Therapist
  • John Kroll, Maintenance Engineer
  • Brendan Krupich, Community Paramedic
  • Dr. Jennifer Mahling-Stadum, Family Medicine Physician
  • JoHannah Orman, Child Life Specialist
  • Dr. Ross Perko, Pediatric Oncologist
  • Adam Rees, Regional President
  • Lynn Severson, System Budget Manager and Controller

Today, we’re excited to celebrate our employees by sharing Essentia’s new employee video “Invisible Thread.”  The video was produced by our Marketing & Communications and Human Resources departments and reflects on the connections we have with our colleagues and reinforces the passion we have for working here.

“Every Essentia Health employee brings value to our organization and the people and communities we serve,” says Kristi Schmidt, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for Essentia Health. “The goal of 'Invisible Thread' is to show how it takes all of us, working together, to deliver on our mission and to provide exceptional care for our patients and their families.”

The 10-minute video, which you can watch below, underscores the responsibility we all have as representatives and brand ambassadors of our health system. It reinforces our mission and our six values – quality, hospitality, respect, justice, stewardship and teamwork. The video also showcases examples of the exceptional care and service delivered by our extraordinary employees.

This is the second employee video our HR and Marketing & Communication colleagues have teamed up on. The first, produced in 2010 and entitled “Here With You,” helped communicate the responsibility we have as Essentia Health employees.

One thing you may notice about “Invisible Thread” is no regions or locations are mentioned. That’s intentional because we are focusing on the fact that we are one organization, one Essentia Health.

The video will be shown at department huddles, new employee orientations, recruitment events and employee forums. Staff who have seen the video in previews call it inspiring and say it makes them proud to work here.

We've attached the video below. You also can find it on:

You can share your thoughts on the video at or post a comment below. There's a transcript of the video below.

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Beautiful video! Great job everyone!

Essentia Health Moderator


Wow, just wow!

Essentia Health Moderator


What a beautiful statement of our mission and values!! I am so proud of us, and I know I speak for the other Sisters, too. You are proving that you can carry forward our work even if we can't be part of it, which is not a sad thing but a comforting and wonderful testament to the legacy we have tried to give all the ministries we have founded. Sister Joan Marie

Essentia Health Moderator


This is a great video. Priceless for all to see -- new employees, longstanding employees and our community. I too am very proud to wear my badge and be a part of this great, growing organization, Essentia Health.

Essentia Health Moderator


It is an amazing honor to being connected to the purpose of caring for patients, regardless of our role. Being a part of this organization makes me proud. Great video sharing how we all make a difference to those we serve.

Essentia Health Moderator


OK, you've got the water works flowing :) Wonderful, heartfelt, sincere!

Essentia Health Moderator


Thank you to all who participated in the video, and to our colleagues who did the great work in putting it together! I'm always proud to be a part of a great organization with great compassionate, caring and skilled people who bring their best to our patients and communities each day.

Essentia Health Moderator


Beautiful video -- so inspiring to me, as an employee of this great organization. Thank you!

Essentia Health Moderator


One of the best videos I've seen come out of Essentia Health yet! Kudos to all who worked on it.

Essentia Health Moderator


What a tremendously touching video. We all are truly connected by an invisible thread and I am so honored be part of such an amazing organization. Thank you for making this video. It is perfect!

Essentia Health Moderator


What a beautiful video! Coming from a fellow patient who has always wanted to give back the care I have gotten throughout my life by working here because of the wonderful care I have received, thank you! :) You really do touch patients' lives without even knowing!

Essentia Health Moderator



Essentia Health Moderator


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